Animal Friends Insurance is pleased to announce that they have now donated over £1 million pounds to animal welfare charities worldwide. The aim has been to donate to charities who work towards better welfare for all the animals that have suffered from cruelty, neglect and suffering. Animal Friends Insurance have supported projects ranging from small local cat and dog homes to large internationally-established organisations that help critically endangered animals.With many pet owners struggling to make ends meet, some charities have seen over a 50% increase in abandoned animals over the last five years while daily care costs for rescued and abandoned animals are also consistently rising.Elaine Fairfax, Founder and MD of Animal Friends said “I am absolutely thrilled to have reached our £1 million target. We have been able to help so many really worthy causes, it’s been hugely rewarding for all of us. We could not have been able to reach the one million pound target helping animals along the way if it was not for our policy holders. I know it’s changed the lives of many individual animals that have been saved from a life of despair. We won’t stop there though; we will continue to strive to support as many animal welfare charities as possible.”The money donated is generated by the people that take out policies with Animal Friends Insurance. It means every time someone takes out a policy they are donating to charity and helping other animals in need. A huge thank you to everyone that has taken part and supported the challenge.

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PNP and AKF Rescue Sixty-Seven Slaughter-bound Dogs.

Capas, Tarlac—On March 21, 2011, AKF received information that a vehicle carrying dogs were bound for San Pedro, Laguna for slaughter.

Together with the police operatives (CIDG) of Cabuyao Laguna, AKF raided the holding area in San Pedro, Laguna were the dogs were delivered.

Sixty-seven muzzled and hog-tied dogs were rescued, with one expired dog recovered.

AKF commandeered the van full of dogs and transferred the dogs to AKF’s rescue truck when they reached Cabuyao, Laguna police station.

The owner of the vehicle was charged in court. No persons were arrested as they all escaped into the night crossing parts of the Laguna Lake that bordered the holding area.

The 67 dogs are now being rehabilitated in AKF’s shelter and some of the female dogs that were pregnant during the time of rescue have now given birth to undernourished (some have expired) but surviving puppies. GSQ2011


At 11 a.m. today, (December 5, 2010) AKF hauled in a total of 52 dogs from the PSPCA in C.M. Recto, Manila. The dogs are now on their way to AKF shelter. This happy-ending event was covered by Ch.7 & witnessed by Ms. Bebot Javier, VP of PSPCA, Mr. Mel Alipio & AKF officers. AKF vet, Dr. Roland Arciga, will make sure the dogs get treated from ailments & rehabilitate them for full recovery.

These dogs were rescued from dog traders last November 18, 2010 along the North Luzon Expressway en route to illegal slaughter-houses up-north. gsq2011


In the chilly dawn of November 5 at a bus terminal in Baguio City, AKF with the Philippine police blocked a shipment of 30 dog carcasses ready to be delivered in dog-dish serving restaurants. Four adults and 1minor were arrested and duly charged with violation of the Anti-Rabies Law.

The 4 adults spent two days in jail and posted bail while the minor was turned over to the social welfare agency.

[sept. 2010]

last September 2 as a result of an operation together with the Criminal Investigation & Detection Group-Manila and Channel 2 in Tioco and Capulong, Tondo, Manila. The raid will be shown on nationwide TV. The dog trader in Tondo, Manila scalps the dog instead of burning its fur and skin as the usual practice by most of the traders. This is so to avoid producing strong odor from the burnt fur and skin that can annoy the community as the slaughtering-area is located right smack within the community. GSQ2010

Wetnose Award

April 23, 2010

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[updated March 2010]

Three Vehicles Full of Dogs Nabbed by Police
[Jan. 2010]

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Thirty-five Slaughtered & Two Live Dogs Recovered
[Sept. 2009] A vehicle bound north of Luzon with plate number ACZ 361 was intercepted by the Philippine police on September 5 within Rosario, La Union. There were 35 butchered dogs and 3 live dogs recovered. However, the other one eventually perished …
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10 Slaughter-Bound Dogs rescued!
(July 9, 2009) Thru Luis, Heide and Liezl, the PNP of Calauan, Laguna informed AKF yesterday (July 9) that they have 10 Philippine Native Dogs (PND) recovered from two persons, namely Angelito T. Manalo, 62 and Ruel Javier Jasareno, 29, both of Biñan, Laguna. They were apprehended during a mobile checkpoint.I immediately coordinated the news to Colonel Gumiran, Suzanne and Liezl (for pick-up purposes). A series of phone calls after, and upon learning that the AKF truck is not available due to it being serviced by Mitsubishi-Quezon Avenue for repairs, I rented an L300 FB Van to take the dogs from Laguna and bring them to Tarlac.The national office of Colonel Gumiran, upon their confirmation of the said operation, called the said town’s police station and relayed the news to me that the case filed by PO3 Mortel and his team was dismissed by Fiscal Samuel Samuela of Calamba, Laguna based on, according to the Calauan PNP, the following contents of R.A. 8485:Sec. 4. It shall be the duty of any owner or operator of any land, air or water public utility transporting pet, wildlife and all other animals to provide in all cases adequate, clean and sanitary facilities for the safe conveyance and delivery thereof to their consignee at the place of consignment. They shall provide sufficient food and water for such animals while in transit for more than twelve (12) hours or whenever necessary.No public utility shall transport any such animal without a written permit from the Director of the Bureau of Animal Industry or his/her authorized representative. No cruel confinement or restraint shall be made on such animals while being transported. [Continue]

Updated Aug. 2008
• AKFEnforced the New Law on Animal Welfare
(A total of nine dog traders busted!)[click here]


The raiding team places the burned dogs’
carcasses in sacks.
The Animal Kingdom Foundation Inc., a London-based animal rights group, raised the fight against animal abuse to the next level with simultaneous raids on dog traders in Baguio City yesterday, the day the anti-rabies law took effect.At 7:30 a.m., the group, accompanied by members of the National Meat Inspection Service led by OIC director Dr. Florentino Pintor, the Criminal Investigation Detection Group led by SPO4 Risal Malicsi, and the AKF led by Brando D. Gegway, AKF senior investigative researcher, raided the Baguio Public Market and arrested several dog meat vendors and one dog trader. [Continue]

Sponsors and Supporters Dine for the Dogs! (10.22.07)Although no wagging tails and barking were seen and heard last October 19, 2007 in a gathering inspired by AKF’s rescued dogs, the atmosphere during the luncheon party organized by AKF for its valued sponsors and supporters was very much lively and, yes, inspiring.

AKF’s Management Head, Suzanne Llanera headed the local staff while introducing to the guests — the Chairman of International Wildlife Coalition Trust (IWCT-UK) John Hawkridge and AKF President and Founder Charles Wartenberg. Both came from the United Kingdom to personally thank the sponsors and supporters of AKF. Ms. Llanera further laid out to the passionate personalities representing their organizations and companies the future plans of the foundation in terms of rescuing slaughter-bound dogs. The top officers of the government agencies from the Bureau of Animal Industry, National Meat Inspection Section of the Department of Agriculture and the private companies of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Oxford Suites, Pet One together with a number of passionate donors also received updates of the present operations and programs of the foundation.

It was a luncheon get-together of dog lovers. A very well attended affair and AKF, with the unwavering support of these agencies and companies, hope to continue this inspiring gathering and build a tradition that collects individuals and companies in an event where the future of the Philippine dogs, without the wagging and barking, are the main subjects and concern.

To our sponsors, donors and supporters wet licks and more!

posted Aug. 17, 2008
Finally, Two Dog Traders to Suffer One Year Jail Term Each

Candon City, Ilocos Sur– Finally for more than one year of court proceedings, two legitimate dog traders are sentenced each for one year jail term. From the decision of Candon City Municipal Trial Court held by Honorable Judge Modesto L. Quismorio, Jr., the verdict thus reads, “In view of all the foregoing evidence, the court find the accused Richard Maravilla and Rosano Del Rosario guilty beyond reasonable doubts as co-principals by direct participation in the commission of the crime charged and here sentences them to suffer the straight penalty of imprisonment of ONE (1) YEAR pursuant to section 8 of Republic Act 8485.

City Prosecutor Emmy Lou V. Rubang-Mangasar representing the prosecution, narrates that the accused did not expect the decision to be against them, they were “…speechless while shaking their heads, the police immediately handcuffed the two and brought them to the city jail,” Pros. Mangasar added.It was on July 26, 2007 at 11;30 am, with the joint efforts of the Candon City Police Office lead by Police Inspector Providencio Calibuso, City Veterinarian DVM Roland Maranion and the Animal Kingdom Foundation caught Richard Maravilia of 349 Quezon, Cuyab, San Pedro, Laguna and Rosano Del Rosario of Barangay Camcam Binian Laguna in an attempt to transport 60 live dogs to Vigan City Ilocos sur. The rescue team flagged the vehicle of the two Mitsubishi van with plate number XTN 261 in an established check point which resulted to their arrest.

All the 60 live dogs were brought at the Animal Kingdom Foundation rescue center in Capas Tarlac for rehabilitation.

During the arraignment, the accused pleaded not guilty to the offense and challenged the prosecution. The prosecution invited AKF Senior Researcher Brando Gegway to offer his knowledge about the illegal business of the accused .The testimony regarding the surveillance conducted on the dog traders activities strengthened the case. Brando Gegway

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Capas, Tarlac – The Animal Kingdom Foundation Inc. (AKF)., a local affiliate of the London-based International Wildlife Coalition Trust and Pet One Dog Food Company recently launched the Philippine version of Pet Adoptathon 2007 in the AKF Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, Barangay Cub-Cub Municipality of Capas,Tarlac.

PET ADOPTATHON 2007 is a worldwide event first organized in 1995 by the North Shore Animal League America in the US and has since then placed 250,000 pets into loving homes. The affair was celebrated simultaneously worldwide last May 5-6, 2007.

It was a happy weekend at the AKF Rescue Center as the place was decked in festive decoration complete with music and an ice cream stand for the kids. All the residents of the Center including of course the 370 well-fed and happy rescued dogs await the first visitor as they came pouring in the gates.

The event was indeed successful with a total number of 25 dogs adopted making it a record of sorts in the country as no one can claim that many dogs were re-homed in a short span of time.

In fact, it was so successful that the organizers decided to make it an annual event!

As the great playwright and songwriter, Noel Coward once said “only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun”; this time however the locals braved the midday sun and showed their compassion for animals by bringing into their homes the rescued dogs that could have ended as pulutan. (LMBuenaflor, Jr.)

BBC Witnesses Rescue of Slaughter-bound Dogs!

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The Animal Kingdom Foundation conducted a seizure operation on February 21, 2007 and was able to apprehend a delivery of one hundred dogs bound for slaughter, piled up inside a truck’s cargo hold. The British Broadcasting Network composed of a producer / journalist and cameraman, who were supposed to do a feature on AKF’s Animal Rehabilitation and Rescue Center in Capas, Tarlac witnessed the event.


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