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thanxWe, at AKF, together with the happy dogs, give our heartfelt thanks to:

Antonio Roxas
Alya Honasan
Jay Anacleto
Joana Abrera Cheng
Paul Dean


I am an Australian citizen and have been living in the Philippines for almost 2 years now. I first came across the Animal Kingdom Foundation via surfing the net looking for worthy charity organizations that I could help. This one spoke true to my heart as I am a dog lover and have seen the vast amount of dogs here in the Philippines and would like them to have loving homes.

I decided to visit the Animal Kingdom Center in Tarlac to see for myself the wonderful job the team do. It warned my heart to see the dogs so well looked after, in clean facilities with loving care takers. I then saw some very young puppies playing in the pen with their mother, and immediately fell in love. If only I could taken them all home. I live in an apartment with two dogs already so instead of adopting I decided to sponsor one of the puppies I fell in love with, until I get a house to bring her home or she finds a loving family.It does not cost much to sponsor a dog and make sure they lead a healthy, happy life.

I encourage everyone to visit the center, and see the works being done. I like helping this organization as it is and needs our help. Before you take home a dog from the pet store, please visit Animal Kingdom Foundation Center in Tarlac. There are hundreds of beautiful loving dogs in their rescue center that need good homes.

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I am the proud sponsor of a dog at the Animal Kingdom Foundation, Capas, Tarlac, Philippines.

My dog, Peanut is  white, female miniature Poodle, approximately 5 years of age with three legs. She weighs approximately 2.5 kgs. and is a total delight. Having three legs does not stop her enjoying life and is little dynamo.

Having personally been to the Animal Kingdom Foundation Centre and seen the wonderful work that is being carried out by those involved, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

The Centre is the only one in the world where dogs rescued from the human food chain have a real chance of living full, happy and save lives. I strongly urge anyone wishing to sponsoror  even adopt a dog from the Centre to do so.

The dogs are cared for by Vets at the Centre and receive every possible medical treatment required so I am happy in the knowledge that while Peanut is not with me personally, she is well and loved by all.

elley_peanutElly Maynard
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