The Dog-Pound Project

In more than a decade’s work against the dog traders, AKF has seen the decrease of their wicked activity and felt the difficulty of tracing and capturing the perpetrators as they go deeper into the barrios slaughtering dogs albeit in a much lesser number. AKF’s community assets confirm the great decrease of serving dog-meat dishes in the north of Luzon, the hotbed of the dog-meat serving eateries.

With a successful re-homing program of the rehabilitated dogs that were rescued from the illegal trade and a rescue centre with more than 30 kennels, each occupied by at least 15 dogs, that can be utilized further, AKF started looking at dog pounds where unclaimed dogs are euthanased as directed by that particular city’s ordinance.

In the early part of October 2014, AKF engaged in an agreement with then dog pound director, Vet. Manuel Socorro, and took eleven dogs from the facility. Two of the dogs perished at AKF centre due to a severe case of distemper but three puppies were born from one of the dogs, Abbey, who surprised everyone because she looked so frail and small. After a month, all male puppies were bigger than her.

We call this batch “The A’s” alluding to their new names that all starts with the letter A.






Abbey, background, and her three male pups.




1 Response to The Dog-Pound Project

  1. Jonathan Cabias says:

    Can I surrender my dogs to your organization, currently I have 4 dogs and wanted to surrender them due to my kid suffer cough very often.

    Thank you very much.

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