How You Can Help

helpThere are many ways you can help the dogs of the Philippines, from fundraising on our behalf and to giving your own donations. You can donate dog-toys, dog-food, old towels, medicines and anything useful in operating AKF Animal Rehabilitation and Rescue Center.

Rescuing dogs bound for slaughter is a full-time commitment and keeping them rehabilitated and comfortable entails costs that we, in AKF, cannot handle without your enduring support.

Thank you for sharing the same passion with us.

Want to make a regular donation?

If you are busy and always-on-the-go, yet, wishes to share your support in the easiest and cost effective way, we can accept year long post-dated checks and we will keep you posted of updated news via AKF’s newsletter sent to your most comfortable address.

Please click the , fill it up and send it to us.

And more importantly, if you have tips or leads for us to pursue regarding cases and issues on animal-welfare, especially hat of dog-meat trading and slaughtering of dogs for human consumption, please contact any of the personnel of AKF. In return we will send you regular newsletters to keep you advised of what we are achieving, on your behalf, to give all the dogs of the Philippines a better life.

You can also deposit your donation to us at:

For International donors:
Please remit your donation to our bank.
Kindly take note of the details below:

Remit to:

Wachovia Bank
New York, New York
Fedwire routing number 026005092
in favor of: RCBC Savings Bank
Account Number: 2000191133208
Chips UID 382399

For further credit to:
Animal Kingdom Foundation ,Inc.
Savings Account Number: 1046-00836-4
Banks’ name and Address: RCBC Savings Bank, Tomas Morato Branch
169 Tomas Morato corner Scout Castor Street, Quezon City, Philippines, 1100

If you wish your donations to be used for a specific project please let us know. And if you would like a receipt for it, we will gladly send them to any of your provided addresses.

We will continue fighting this trade with your continuing support. Please do not let the dog trader win. Rest assured we share the same passion in protecting our dogs. Also, we know we are saving human lives in the process. Nothing is more worthy.

Thank you and God bless!

Animal Kingdom Foundation, Inc (AKF)
No. 8. Purante St.
Brgy. Cubcub, Capas
Philippines 2315

Landline: (045) 495 5511