Dog Trader Turned Dog Dish Vendor Arrested

Padre Garcia of Batangas, south of Metro Manila, was one of the main supplier of dogs to the North. That was then. Now it is slowly becoming a dog meat dish vendor’s place of venture.The Animal Kingdom Foundation Inc. (AKF) has a heavy concentration of cases against dog traders in Batangas.

AKF rescued five dogs from dog meat dish vendor.
AKF rescued five dogs from dog meat dish vendor.

We may have broken the link between the dog supplying syndicates of the south to the dog meat buyers in the north but these unscrupulous beings, based on our experience, will always push the envelope until they are totally depleted of resources. A resources that is not much in terms of capitalization for the buying and selling of dogs but we hurt them a lot via their pockets when the court fines them more. This rescue operation happened on September 10 in the afternoon at Quilo-Quilo, Padre Garcia. The arrested trader was recently arraigned and imprisoned.

The five rescued dogs are now in the AKF Sanctuary in Capas, Tarlac.As long as AKF has the  support of fellow advocates, AKF will go after these heartless dog traders.

Your support does not go for naught; AKF is always watching these wicked group.To help  save more slaughter-bound dogs, AKF needs help. Perhaps you can skip your coffee, your usual treat of donut, or milkshake maybe.

The dogs need our help.  (Greg S. Quimpo. AKF Campaigns Manager)

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Charles Leslie Wartenberg, 84.

CW Kent Live

Contact the ff. e-mails for for more inquiries:


Charles’ contribution to animal welfare abroad and in the Philippines is undeniably significant. He started with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) campaigning for the Europian ban on seal coat importation while protesting the killing of seal pups in Canada. He had gone to Rwanda helping the preservation of the Orangutans, to Spain protesting the drowning of young bulls and decapitation of hanged geese when cyclists pull on their heads. In the late 1990’s, he came to the Philippines after discovering in a newspaper article that dog meat trade was prevalent here. He established AKF and began his campaign to end the dog meat trade through various rescue operations of dogs bound for slaughter.

In 2006, Charles made possible his dream of building a shelter to care for and rehabilitate the dogs rescued by AKF. He did not want dogs to be put down, he wanted them to enjoy what’s left of their hard life or be adopted by loving families. The shelter has become a haven for those who want to help out in caring for the dogs. Foreign and local volunteers and visitors claim it as a must-place to visit in Central Luzon.

With his boundless-energy and unwavering resolve in rescuing slaughter bound dogs and sending perpetrators to prison, Charles made possible through partnerships with other charities, local animal welfare groups, including the government in effecting amendments to the improvement of animal welfare regulations. He was one of the main proponents of the National Plan of Action of 2006, whereby the Bureau of Animal Health and Welfare Division, The Department of Interior and Local Government and The National Meat Inspection Service collaborated and committed to establish a national mandate to implement the animal welfare laws towards the elimination of the dog meat trade.

Charles spearheaded the campaign to spread awareness in schools and local communities through passionate education officers, rehabilitate and re-home rounded up dogs from city pounds and provide free spay and neuter via community veterinary missions and events.

He was a dedicated and passionate animal welfare advocate and he loved the Philippine dogs. He may have gone ahead but his legacy lives on.

Contact the ff. e-mails for for more inquiries:

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An Important Disclaimer

If you forgive the fox from stealing your chicken, he will take your sheep: Georgian Proverb.

ANIMAL KINGDOM FOUNDATION, INC. has received information from its supporters that the various rescue operations it carried against the dog meat traders including the rescue of a seriously emaciated dog we named “Precious” are being claimed by a certain group/organization as the result of their efforts/activities in the Philippines.


In the strongest term possible, AKF denounces these unauthorized claims as deceitful and an act of misrepresentation.

AKF has never authorized anyone or any group to copy, claim, make use of any information or report relating to dog meat trade activities, rescues  and projects of AKF  to be used in their newsletter or social media accounts and claim it as their own in exchange for any donations or for purposes of promotion. Except those we cite as our partners and which we have the mutual agreement to collaborate on certain projects or program.


Your continuing support allows AKF to continue its campaign to end the dog meat trade in the Philippines and promote the health and welfare of animals particularly that of the hapless and needy dogs.

Thank you.

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Send DONATIONS for dogs, free!


AKF is now a partner of MLhuillier. You can send your donations to AKF via MLhuillier, any branch, without the necessary charges. MLhuillier has bridged the gap between your much needed support for the rescued dogs and AKF that cares for them. Help us save the dogs , dear friends. Let us do this together! Thank you very much!

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If you love running and you love it even more with your dog, come and join the Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF) fundraising event for the upkeep of the once slaughter-bound dogs on July 31 at the Quezon City Memorial Circle.

AKF has at least a hundred dogs in the center at Capas, Tarlac. To rehabilitate and care for these dogs require serious amount of time and resources. While we are fortunate to have passionate and loving staff we cannot deny that the dogs need a steady supply of food, veterinary medicines and essentials that incur costs to avail.

Enjoy the event while you help AKF provide for the rescued dogs. The event is called “RUN FUR LIFE”, a fundraising bubble fun run. This will happen on July 31 at the Quezon City Memorial Circle from 5:30 AM to 9:30 AM, gun starts at 7:00 AM.

This concept is a first in the country as it will feature spontaneous
bursts of soap bubbles at selected tracks markers, whilst human and dog runners fulfill a 1K or 3K distance run.

You can sign up here:…/15 xVWZSsoK5HtHWz659hVME…/viewform

Run Fur Life Official Poster

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Department of Agriculture Approves New Circular to Stop the Trade of Dog Meat in the Philippines

Department of Agriculture Secretary Proceso J. Alcala has signed a new Administrative Circular (Department of Agriculture Administrative Circular No. 1 s. of 2016) prescribing a national plan of action to eliminate the trade of dog meat in the Philippines.


The newly signed Circular was issued to ensure that only food animals will be made available to the people and to assure the people of the effective enforcement of the laws that prevent the trade of dog meat in the country. Dog meat is not among the food animals mentioned in RA 9296 (Meat Inspection Code in the Philippines) as amended by RA 10536.

The approved Circular calls for a 2015-2020 Philippine Action Plan on Dog Meat Elimination to address policies and legal basis deficiencies, lack of awareness and to promote education and capability building. It also facilitates implementation, identifies budgetary requirements and other logistical support towards plan implementation and program sustainability.

With the implementation of this National Plan of Action, the perceived inaction of the government regarding the atrocities on dogs and consumption of dog meat as well as the health and sanitation issues accompanying in eating of a non-food animal will be addressed thereby paving the way in realizing a dog meat trade-free in the Philippines and supporting its vision of a rabies-free by the year 2020.

The Circular authorizes the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) and Department of Agriculture (DA) to use their annual appropriations to implement the approved Action Plan for animal welfare and anti-rabies campaign. The National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) is similarly directed to fund its activities against dog meat trade. SHIELA B. ENDRINA – Information Officer II

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Dog Meat Trade Discovered & Raided

Animal Kingdom Foundation and the Philippine National Police raided a dog meat trade suppliers’ holding area in San Pedro, Laguna. A total of six dogs from two consecutive rescue operations recovered and now recuperating at Animal Kingdom Foundation Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. Please continue to help us, folks. Let us save slaughter-bound dogs together.


Local TV, GMA7, news coverage of Animal Kingdom Foundation’s raid on the dog meat trade activity:



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End The Dog Meat Trade


To Pile of dead dogsthe uninitiated who discovers that dogs in the Philippines are slaughtered and sold for human consumption they probably think the country lacks regulations on animal welfare.  Although only small groups of Filipinos eat dogs, an estimated less than 1% of the 98.3 million of the whole population, there is already an existing law on the treatment of animals in 1998 (RA 8485). In fact, its capital city, Manila, prohibits the killing and selling of dog meat earlier than 1982 (MMC ORD 82-02).

There is an exemption in the Philippine Animal Welfare Act of 1998 that says dogs can be slaughtered over a ritual sanctioned by its local leaders, Section 6, Paragraph 1 of the act says,

When it is done as part of the religious rituals of an established religion or sect or a ritual required by tribal or ethnic custom of indigenous cultural communities; however, leaders shall keep records in cooperation with the Committee on Animal Welfare.Rescued Dogs 1

In the Cordillera highlands, a family dog is viewed to have the purest spirit and once offered to the gods – slaughtered and eaten by each family member – will protect a family from further bad luck. As explained in an online article by Dr. Nestor Castro, cultural anthropologist and chairman of the University of the Philippines’ (UP) Department,

“It has become a market (dog meat eating), and has really transformed from its original roots,” he said, emphasizing that not all Filipinos eat dog meat and that it’s an inaccurate stereotype to say otherwise. Mr. Castro added that originally dog meat was used as food for certain type of rituals and special occasions. Locals in the Cordillera Region of Northern Luzon, he noted, slaughtered dogs only for ritual occasions. “Generally, all animals there, not just limited to dogs, are sacrificial animals. Chickens, pigs, or carabaos are butchered, whether for someone who died or for a celebration. The dog goes into that picture, as a special occasion food.” He added that the offering of one’s own could be the ultimate symbol of sacrifice. “I would say, if you treat your dog as your best friend, therefore, to sacrifice your best friend must be really special.”

A predominantly Catholic country, at least 75 million Filipinos, rites to partake of the host, symbolically that of Jesus Christ’s body, is a sacred practice in the Philippine churches hence the providing of exemption for the highlanders on their own cultural belief.

The commercialization of the dog meat mushroomed in the lowlands of the Cordilleras, north of Luzon. Prior to the campaign of Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF), the market of Baguio City, capital city of Benguet province of the Cordillera, openly sells dog meat until 2012. Restaurants sell the dog meat dish. The live dog source comes from the south of Luzon, 8 hrs by land, as the southerners are not known to be dog meat eaters. Livestock traders from the CALABARZON provinces (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon) included the dog, aside from cattle and goats, as part of the trade in the north where high-valued vegetables and fruits are harvested.

Only Baguio and La Trinidad, its neighboring city, have the mainstream operation of dog meat serving restaurants.Dog swollen tongue

Animal Kingdom Foundation, founded in 2002, has rescued and recovered more or less 7 thousand dogs from the dog meat trade; some lucky to be alive. Presently, there are 250 dogs at the Animal Kingdom Foundation center located at least 3 hrs away by land travel from Baguio City.  As the only official partner of the Philippine government in the campaign against the dog meat trade, AKF has carried out 250 raids.

Animal Kingdom Foundation investigators gather enough evidence on the dog meat trade activities, especially from the south of Luzon, and coordinate with the police for rescue operations. More than 200 cases have already been filed by AKF against the dog meat traders and 80 of them have been meted out sentences.

One has to be part of the raiding team to understand the cruelty inflicted to the dogs. Their muzzles shut tied by strings, their tongues swollen because they have bitten them when their snouts were forcefully tied, dead ones piled up on by the weak ones and the stench, it never leaves you; it is as horrible as the sight before you. Animal Kingdom Foundation almost always bury half of the number of dogs recovered from these raids.

Recently, AKF and the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI), the government branch that safeguards the welfare of all domestic animals and livestock, and the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS), the government arm that can stop the dog meat trade signed an agreement that would greatly impact this illegal trade.

This agreement, the National Plan of Action (NAPOA), indicates that the Philippine AKF signing the NAPOAgovernment has officially declared war against the dog meat trade. This illegal practice is now duly recognized as a national issue and so various programs and actions will be integrated into the framework of the BAI and NMIS. Most importantly, monies will now be allocated in each branch and unit of these bureaus to investigate, operate and file cases against the dog meat traders.

Animal Kingdom Foundation is greatly involved in all of these undertakings. It has been a long road from the conception of the NAPOA for AKF and the BAI and it is through the support of our donors that we were able to finance the mobilization of this idea. The proposal was laid down not only to the national office of the BAI but also to all its regional and provincial officers. In fact, the drafting of the NAPOA was held in Baguio City last July 2014 with the participation of all the national units of the BAI. Animal Kingdom Foundation provided input based on its incomparable experience in the campaign against the dog meat trade.

The year 2016 is the official target in ending the selling of dog meat from a bigger to smaller scale; known source going to its market and the operation of small roadside restaurants plus personal consumption.

From 2013 to 2014, Animal Kingdom Foundation has  seen a substantial decrease of dogs transported for slaughter. Within 2013, a total of 341 slaughter-bounds dogs were recovered from an 8 months operation while in 2014; a total of 95 slaughter-bounds were recovered from a series of 11 months operation.  This is a far cry from the 365 dogs recovered in 2011 within a 7 months operation.Once slaughterbound dogs rehomed

This year, 2015, AKF has so far rescued one dog and recovered approximately 20 kilos of dog meat from three separate operations.  It has become difficult to trace the dog meat traders but Animal Kingdom Foundation is relentless in pursuing them.

AKF is now drumming-up support for the effective implementation of the NAPOA. Since the very start, it has always been the partnership between the supporters/donors and AKF that made possible the mobilization of its programs and projects. You can support the NAPOA through this link: or visit our Facebook account:

For more information, please contact   :

Greg S. Quimpo

Campaign Manager

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Mangaldan, Pangasinan. 07.27.2015. The surveillance and the test-buys of AKF and police detectives confirmed that the eatery in Barangay Amansabina positively serves cooked dog meat.

After staging another test-buy with two detectives of the CIDG-Dagupan-Special Action Trackers Team 2 (SATT 2) as customers while the AKF team is posted within the vicinity, the raid was announced just as soon as the server took the money from the undercover detectives.

One whole carcass of a dog, a head and two pots of cooked dog meat were confiscated and a case was filed against the owner of the place. As long as AKF is around we will find ways to stop the dog-meat trading.

The NMIS Code (RA 10536) cites dog meat as “hot meat” and, for public safety, it is not a healthy practice to eat them.

Don’t Eat Dogs!

Dog carcass together with other meat products

Dog carcass together with other meat products


Dressed dog head

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Dog Meat Trading in North East & West of Luzon Raided!

From 2013 to 2014, AKF has greatly seen a decrease of dogs being transported for slaughter. Within 2013, a total of 341 slaughter-bounds dogs were recovered from an 8 months operation while in 2014; a total of 95 slaughter-bounds were recovered from a series of 11 months operation.

A far cry from the 365 dogs recovered in 2011 within a 7 months operation.

This year, 2015, AKF has so far rescued one dog and recovered approximately 20 kilos of dog meat from three separate operations.

It has become difficult to trace the dog meat traders but AKF is relentless in pursuing them. On May 9 at about 7 in the morning in Sta. Cruz, Zambales, north-west part of Luzon, AKF and the local police of the said place arrested a dog trader while in the act of slaughtering a dog. The dog, now in AKF centre is named Lucky.

Police raiding the slaughterhouse.

Police raiding the slaughterhouse.

We just have to call him

We just have to call him “Lucky”.

Another raid was conducted by AKF, this time with the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) and PNP, in Tuguegarao, north-east of Luzon, on June 22.

At six in the evening, two teams composed of the three groups arrested two cooked dog meat sellers in Tuguegarao City while they are manning their makeshift stalls alongside the community road.

Four separate cases were filed against the arrested persons, a man and a woman.

Samples of the cooked and raw meat were brought to the central office of the NMIS in Quezon City, Metro Manila to test it composition so as to be certified as “hot meat”, which is a dog meat is as defined by law.

Cooked dog meat sold along the busy street of Tuguegarao City

Cooked dog meat sold along the busy street of Tuguegarao City

The raiding team composed of the CIDG-PNP, NMIS and AKF

The raiding team composed of the CIDG-PNP, NMIS and AKF

AKF staff securing the evidences

AKF staff securing the evidences

Dog heat blow-torched and sold in Tuguegarao City

Dog head blow-torched and sold in Tuguegarao City

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