AKF Rescue & Rehabilitation Center

The rescue center is a haven for dogs rescued from the dog meat trade. It operates on a no-kill-policy. The shelter has facilities for xray, surgery and general diagnostics.  It has a quarantine and HDU area, a first of its kind in the Philippines. Dogs are given the opportunity to recover from their traumatic experience through socialization and enhancement program.



Animal Rehabilitation and Rescue Center

A non-profit, no-kill dog shelter dedicated to saving once slaughter-bound dogs.

The center is fully operating on donated funds from the United Kingdom while a few business establishments and individuals in the Philippines give donations. The center sits on a walled 2.5 hectare rented property.

It has considerable numbers of kennel where rescued dogs move freely.

Programs & Projects
1. Rescue and Rehabilitation.
The bulk of the animals
being rehabilitated at the
center are those recovered
from rescue operations.
2. Re-homing program.
Offered to animal-loving
people seeking for
3. Out-patient clinic.
Exclusively offered to
indigent dog owners who
want their dogs in
healthy condition.
4. Training ground for
Veterinary students.
Since we have a lean
veterinary staff,
accepting veterinary
volunteers greatly helps
the center.
5. Neutering of dogs.
Aside from the dogs in
the center, community
dogs (askals) are sterilized
during special community
guardAdonis, one of AKF’s rescued dogi n San Jacinto, Pangasinan, is not of mythological stuff but the this dog’s story, with its near death-“rebirth” event, is inspiring in its entirety.

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Aside from being home to one of the top ten recommended animal sanctuary (https://mightydogrescue.wordpress.com/2013/09/16/animal-rescue-10-of-the-best-animal-sanctuaries-to-visit-around-the-world-mightydogrescue/)   to be visited around the world, Tarlac has so many to offer a curious tourist. With vast tracks of hills and mountains and lively communities, Tarlac boasts of its natural beauty and creativity.

Consider Tarlac as one of your destination for exploring and adventure. The AKF center can accommodate  a group of six or more  with very minimal expenses for you and while volunteering to take care and socialize our rescued dogs, you can also look forward on exciting adventures by visiting the wonderful sites of the province.

See Tarlac province’s website: Visit Tarlac