Animal Kingdom Foundation, Inc. (AKF) was founded in 2002 by Charles Leslie Wartenberg, a British animal welfare activist who was deeply involved in the saving of the Canadian seals back in his younger days. He made possible the building of AKF’s rescue center for once slaughter-bound dogs in Capas, Tarlac.  AKF specializes in animal welfare campaigns e.g. lobbying for strict animal laws, coordination with apt government agencies in filing cases against animal welfare violators especially on dog meat trading. 

Has the biggest dog sanctuary in the country and recognized by travellers as one of the top ten animal shelters to visit.


The sanctuary is in Capas, Tarlac, at least 1.5 hours away from Manila that sits in a two hectare mango orchard. A start-off location for nearby historical places like the war memorial commemorating the Death March of WWII, the lake crater of Mt. Pinatubo, a cross relic in a monastery and so much more.

AKF is the official partner of the Bureau of Animal Industry, National Meat Inspection Service and the Philippine National Police in the raiding and rescuing of dogs from the dog meat trade (DMT).

AKF files cases against the dog  traders believing that the perpetrators should feel the full brunt of the law. Since AKF started raiding dog meat trade activities, the Baguio City market have not openly displayed dog meat. Two known families of dog traders in Batangas have since stopped collecting and transporting dogs to the north.

But the fight is not totally over and AKF continues its vigilance.




AKF with the Philippine National Police (2002-2016)

  • More than a hundred raids carried out.
  • More than three thousand dogs rescued alive from 2002-2016
  • Nearly 100 persons brought to court
  • More than a thousand dead dogs recovered
  • More than hundreds of kilos of raw and cooked dog meat confiscated

Officially, AKF holds a document signifying ts collaboration with the PNP against animal cruelty, especially against the dog meat trade.


(Note: This image is foggy due to the heat created by the way the dogs were cramped inside a false-floor of the dog-trader’s vehicle)

Restrained, petrified, cramped and greatly suffering, these dogs would have been slaughtered in an illegal and makeshift slaughterhouse up north. They endured almost 7 hours of an intensely uncomfortable journey from Laguna to Pangasinan.

Dead ones piled up on by the dying ones, the stronger ones, unmoving while highly scared and confused, will be rehabilitated and nursed back to good physical and psychological health at AKF until they become ready to become pets of loving homes.

At AKF, these rescued dogs are fed twice a day, get medicated bath, have their teeth cleaned and neutered/spayed. Others stay inside their kennels while some are allowed to freely roam the almost 2 has. property (leased to AKF). They just want to be close to us!

Scar of cruelty but love triumphs and heals. This little girl provides just enough love for AKF’s rescued dog whose mark of cruelty is greatly visible around its snout and everything is alright once more.

Adopted dog

AKF rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes once slaughter-bound dogs. We rescued them from the cruelest fate and we nurture them to become trustful and loving animals once again.

Please adopt a rescued dog, don’t shop.

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