Animal rights advocates decry dog meat trade

Baguio City may be known as the country’s summer capital but unfortunately, it is also notorious for being a capital for dog meat trading.

Animal rights advocates in the city expressed disappointment over the lack of implementation of a ban of dog meat trade in the City of Pines.

Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF) President Charles Wartenberg said that, while the number of dog traders have decreased in other regions, the opposite has been happening in the Cordillera.

Based on AKF’s monitoring, some 10,000 canines were butchered last year, mostly in Northern Luzon and particularly in Baguio City where several restaurants and eateries serve dog meat dishes more popularly known as azucena.

Wartenberg said only indigenous people are allowed to kill dogs for their rituals.

For its part, the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS) said that, aside from the Animal Welfare Act, animal rights advocates can also invoke Republic Act 10536, or the amended the National Meat Inspection Code of the Philippines.

The law includes penalties for the transportation and trade of dog meat, most of which undergo unsanitary processing and storage. – Solar News Online, from a report by JM Agreda

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